McKenzie River Discovery Center Approved for $3 Million Oregon State Funding

Photo courtesy of Ron Cooper, Salem Photojournalist

We are very pleased to announce that the Oregon Legislature has allocated $3 million in Lottery Bond funds to the McKenzie River Discovery Center (MRDC). This appropriation is both a statement of confidence in the MRDC, and an excellent complement to our development fundraising plans. It moves us steps closer to our goal of an experiential educational venue that explains the Why and the How of the McKenzie River: its geology, hydrology, pristine water, fish, fauna, flora, the boats and guide culture, along with the region’s pre-histories.

We are grateful to Rep. Paul Holvey (House District 8) and Sen. Floyd Prozanski (Senate District 4) for their leadership in addressing the MRDC, and we appreciate the broader support of the Lane County legislative delegation. We thank the Lane County Board of Commissioners who identified the MRDC as a legislative priority for the County, and we were warmed by the many letters of endorsement that were written by community leaders, business and private interests. And, of course, many thanks to the MRDC Board of directors and cooperators whose due diligence and hard work brought us to this point.