The Future

Building Environmental Education for Tomorrow

The McKenzie River Discovery is envisioned to be the main public space accommodating a variety of immersive and interactive exhibits, educating the current and future generations of the significance of the river and its history. The development of the new center will provide exciting opportunities to bring and create a community of stewardship. 

The center will take its first concrete step into development in 2021. 


The 10,000 sq ft of space will be dedicated to provide resources to educate the public of the importance of river management, as well as presenting the story of the McKenzie River. The center will showcase the unique geology and river ecology and the journey through the history of the region and the river that flows through.  

The center’s central design will embrace the qualities of rivers, incorporating it into the interior materials (ex. natural stone) and color scheme. The enticing experience will begin at the entrance, where visitors will be greeted with blue and earthy color tones and high ceilings – creating a more inviting and open space. The visual aesthetics will be accommodated with audio recording resonating with water bubbling, creating a sense of being at the midst of a river.  

Upon entering the main space, guests will have a variety of activities to immerse themselves to.. The space will be providing a variety of virtual displays and interactive exhibits. A virtual reality experience will also be provided for guests to experience fly-casting within the discovery center. 

The focus will be on three areas of the river’s influence; the unique geology, the ecology and the cultural history centered around the river’s lifestyle. The discovery center will be more than just a museum. It’ll be a place for guests to have a transformational experience. With the master plan including an outdoor gathering area and a fire-pit, the center would be an inviting place for visitors to enjoy and appreciate nature.

When completed, the discovery center will be a space to entice the curious minds and encourage exploration and excitement in becoming stewards of the river.